Ernest Springfield Environment and Energy Service (H.K.) Co., Limited

group1Ernest Springfield is honoured to be one of the environment and energy service companies (EESCO) recognized by the U.S. Consulate General of Hong Kong to help businesses develop greenhouse gas emission reduction and to introduce energy efficiency retrofits and upgrades such as waste heat recovery and renewable energy systems.

Ernest Springfield, with a ready network of resources in capital markets, private equity and environmental technologies, will partner with the right team of expertise to carry out a professional project execution, and we will render tailored made solution for any project specific.

We use our extensive and reliable local network in China to identify and to assess projects in the heavy industries such as iron and steel mills, cement manufacturing, power generating and aluminum plants that prove to be viable for sustained developments. It is our mission to help both state-owned and private enterprises and to improve their energy efficiency and pollution prevention effectiveness in delivering their products and maximizing returns through Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency (P2E2) Environmental Financing Program.

group2Ernest Springfield adheres to the environmental commerce principle in its execution of environmental and energy projects in China, while mobilizing and teaming up with international experts in attaining the goal of Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency (P2E2).
We team up with local government agencies; work closely with private enterprises, to create strong strategic partnership which plays a collective role in addressing environmental and energy issues and mapping out long term solutions together.
We hope we have given a general idea how advances in financing and environmental technology under the P2E2 financing model make it possible for companies not only to improve the environment, but retain and grow profit. The sustainable economic growth will no doubt bring near and long-term benefits across China. We hope that you will appreciate the benefits that P2E2 will bring to you.